Week 2 – Meeting Fellow Travellers

Here at team Get Creative research we are very keen to connect our project to related pieces of work going on around the country. This week we had the opportunity to speak with Mark Taylor, Lecturer in Quantitative Research Methods at the University of Sheffield, and a Research Associate on the Understanding Everyday Participation project – a piece of research with close intellectual affinities with our own. Mark has been involved in UEP since it began its work in 2012, and it was great to talk with him about some of the ways in which that project has gone about its work.

Like our own project, UEP has identified a number of ethnographic sites around the country, within which it is undertaking detailed qualitative work. It was helpful to talk with Mark about some of the differences between the UEP’s various research sites, and to hear his suggestions for factors to bear in mind when selecting research locations for work of this kind.

We were also keen to chat with Mark about his approach to working with large quantitative data sets for the purpose of studying cultural participation. Like UEP, the Get Creative research project will be working with qualitative methods and employing techniques of quantitative data analysis to bring our findings into articulation with national trends, as revealed through large quantitative data sets. We were very grateful to Mark for sharing his experiences with us, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with him over the coming months!

This week Anna and Jonathan also had the opportunity to meet with KCL researchers from across a wide range of disciplines, each of whom has a research interest in questions of creativity and diversity. The occasion was a visit to Kings by John Fulljames, Associate Director of Opera for The Royal Opera. John is interested to discuss questions of ‘creative diversity’, and the workshop was a good opportunity not only to open up these important questions, but also to hear more about a range of research taking place across Kings that connects in interesting ways to the Get Creative research project.

The Get Creative research team is keen to keep in close touch with other work – both within Kings and across the country – connected to the questions we are exploring concerning everyday creativity and the (arts and cultural) creative ecology. If you have interests which you think may resonate with our own, please do drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you.

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